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*Credits: Lou Anthony (lyrics, mixing and mastering), Just Acoustic (instrumental remake)

Jordan Evans (original writer & producer), Matthew Burnett (original writer & producer), Riley Bell (original writer), H.E.R (original writer), Daniel Caesar (original writer)

"Best Part," (2017) by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R., Warner/Chappell, Vydia, TuneCore, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Sony/ATV Ballad, Sony/ATV Allegro, Robinson Heart Publishing & I Am HER Publishing, Golden Child Recordings.

Some harmonies written and sang by Lou Anthony are inspired by some harmonies in "Location," (2016) by Khalid. Visual by Cottonbro Studios.

The patterns and samples in this song are used courtesy of all the original song's artists, publishers, and copyright holders. All lyrics written by Lou Anthony are owned and copyrighted by Lou Anthony Music © 2022. All rights reserved.

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