Lou Anthony, Meditations
Photo by Sheed with the Shotz Photography, 2019.
Lou Anthony, Fred Hampton Sweatshirt
Lou pays homage to Afro-American revolutionary Fred Hampton by sporting his custom T.R.A.N. sweatshirt in this photo.
Lou Anthony, To Revive A Nation
Lou Anthony, POWERS
"Everyone has powers..but the ones who realize it are the ‘superheroes.’ Learn your powers then use them...to destroy Cowboys fans!" ~Lou Anthony
The OffBrand Team
Three-sevenths of Philadelphia music collective OffBrand, 2018.
The CEOs
The CEOs of Ludlow Sounds and Street Art Audio -- Lou Anthony & 7ven.2w.5ve
It's About Giving Back
Lou Anthony performing for his high school alma mater Eastern Univ. Academy Charter School in North Philadelphia, 2018.
Lou Anthony at the Rotunda
Lou performing onstage at the Rotunda in 2017.
Lou Anthony & Young Chris
Lou Anthony and Philly legend Young Chris at Batcave Studios in Philly.
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Lou Anthony, To Revive A Nation