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*Credits: L. Anthony (lyrics, mixing, and mastering), N. Cadiz (instrumental production)

Sample: T. Williams (original writer), V. Herbert (original writer), K. Griffin (original writer), 3 Boyz from Newark (original producer)

"Every Little Thing U Do" by Christopher Williams (1992)

Uptown Records, Universal Polygram International Publishing, Sony/ATV Tunes LLC, EMI April Music Tunes LLC, Boyz From Newark Music.

All lyrics written by Lou Anthony are owned and copyrighted by Lou Anthony Music & The Ludlow Sounds LLC. The sample in this song was used courtesy of its original writers and publishers. All parties from the original recording/production are registered as writers and publishers for this song, and the proper licensing has been acquired.

The Ludlow Sounds LLC & Lou Anthony Music © 2023.

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